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What is a Rotary Water Shower Autoclave

What is a Rotary Water Shower Autoclave:

rotary water shower autoclave adopts a horizontal rectangular or circular structure.

Rotary Water Shower Autoclave is made of high-quality acid-resistant 304 stainless steel liner, and all stainless steel wire drawing board decorative shell.

The sealed door adopts a motorized door or a sliding door.

Rotary water shower autoclave has a standard GMP verification interface, which is convenient for users to perform equipment verification at any time.

The rotary water shower sterilizer control system: computer system or PLC + touch screen system can be selected.

The F0 value and the temperature and time double guarantee the sterilization effect, and it can also be controlled by a single parameter.

The system is accurate in temperature measurement and control, stable in operation, and has a complete sterilization file record.

The rotary water shower autoclave uses high-temperature circulating water as the sterilization medium, and is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for high-temperature sterilization of suspensions, emulsions, and other ampoules and large infusion products that are easy to precipitate or have heat-sensitive chemical properties.

In the middle of the sterilization process, the liquid medicine is in a state of relative movement, and the product sterilization temperature is more uniform, which completely eliminates the precipitation and crystallization of the medicine.

The rotary water shower autoclave piping system: the industry’s most optimized configuration, the main components include plate heat exchanger, circulating water pump, high temperature pneumatic valve, vacuum pump and spray system, etc.

Rotary Water Shower Autoclave

What Is A Rotary Water Shower Autoclave:

The rotary water shower autoclave uses high-temperature high-pressure hot water sprayed on the surface of the food packaging to perform high-temperature rapid sterilization of various foods.

The food is in the hot water (cold water) sprayed at high speed, and the temperature everywhere tends to be more Uniformity.

at this time, the purpose of stabilizing product quality, increasing the yield, reducing loss, and avoiding overheating of the food enclosure.

There are many brands of autoclaves, such as wayne,philips, avent, etc.

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