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What’s a Pulsating Vacuum Sterilizer?

What is a pulsating vacuum sterilizer? What are its advantages?
Pulse vacuum sterilizer adopts multiple vacuum and multiple filling steam alternating sterilizer. Advantages: thorough sterilization, high working efficiency, light damage to items, normal indoor temperature, energy saving, manpower and material resources, is an excellent sterilization device.

Pulse vacuum sterilizer

Why does the pulsating vacuum sterilizer sterilize quickly?
Since there are about 98 % of the air in the cabinet and the package, the pre-exhaust air, the temperature of the inner and outer layers of the package is the same, the killing rate is 99.9 %, and the temperature can reach 132-134 °C. These two important factors make it possible to achieve sterilization.
Application scope of sterilizer: It is suitable for sterilization of medical instruments and articles at high temperature and temperature, and is not used for sterilization of oils and powders.

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