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What do you Need to Pay Attention to Use High Pressure Sterilizer to Ensure its Effectiveness?

High pressure sterilizers are usually used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. With the Advancement of science and technology, the function and use of this device are constantly improving, but many people use it to ensure the effectiveness of use. Many people will also carefully understand the use of equipment before using, and we will see what specific attention to use this device.
Attention to the use of high pressure sterilizer:
First, pay attention to safety:
Before each sterilization, you must check whether the equipment is working normally. You must pay special attention to the safety valve. After disinfection, you must not decompress too quickly. You must wait until the pressure gauge returns to its original position before you can open the boiler door. If the disinfection pan is bottled solution, Once suddenly opened, there will be an explosion. If the door is suddenly opened very large, resulting in a large amount of air-conditioning, it will also cause the surrounding steam to condense into beads, causing the items to be moist, and at the same time the humidity will also corrode the components of the equipment. Thus affecting the overall sterilization effect will not only shorten the service life of the equipment.


Second, to maintain:
The surface of the door and instrument of the high pressure sterilizer and the ground in the storage room of the equipment must be wiped once a day; It is necessary to clean up the impurity in the filter screen of the equipment every day so as to prevent impurity from entering the exhaust pipe when the equipment is running; Be sure to check that the equipment door seal is well formed before or after use to see if there is any leakage or breakage.
Also check the precision of the instrument pointer every day to see if the meter temperature, or the pressure meter pointer is in the correct position after the device stops running; Check that the pipes and valve parts are not leaking. The equipment running indicator is not in good condition. If there is a problem, you must not continue to use the equipment until it is repaired.
The interior of the equipment must be cleaned once a week, and it must be cleaned up. The outside of the equipment needs to be cleaned once a quarter, so as to avoid the accumulation of dust, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the equipment, and at the same time avoid contact between components and water. If you accidentally touch the water, you must dry it in time to power it. Also pay attention to check that each connection socket and connector there is no loose situation, there is loose to deal with in a timely manner.
These are the relevant precautions for the use of high pressure sterilizers. When using equipment, we must not only pay attention to the use of equipment, maintenance and maintenance, but also, and most importantly, pay attention to safety. In this way, we can effectively operate equipment on a safe basis and provide everyone with help in using it. At the same time, it can also extend the service life of the equipment well and save costs for users.

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