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Water Shower Sterilizer

When large volume injection use in clinics,the curative medicine has been intravenously into the blood stream directly or carrying the curative medicine into the blood stream,that is to say,the drugs are injected into the blood.Then the medicine absorbs quickly and functions quickly,and this way has been generally accepted by the patient,or as emergency treatment to critically ill patients who lose consciousness.But the drugs is directly into the bloodstream,so if the drugs have any quality problem,it would cause great damage to the patient’s health,especially disqualify pharmaceutical may directly endanger the patient’s lives.So the sterilization technology of injection is the central section of the processing technology.


Water-bath Sterilizer

The sterilization technology of large volume injection mainly adopts moist heat sterilization,sterilization medium involves two kinds,steam and super-heated water.Because steam sterilization has some serious disadvantages, such as non-condensable gas and temperature dead angle and so on.It is being cleared away.By contrast,water shower sterilizer adopt super-heated water as sterilization medium, successfully overcomes these shortcomings of steam sterilization.Water bath sterilizer have many advantages,such as heating uniformity,the temperature control is accurate, there are no absolute hot spots and cold spots,this equipment are more and more widely used.

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