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Water-bath Sterilizer

In some medicine processing,it is required to sterilize the medicine to guarantee the quality of those,for example,infusion bottle,inject vial,oral liquid and so on.Even the Chinese medicinal materials should be sterilized to assure quality.As a result,sterilization is a quite important step during the drug production.
Select the appropriate sterilization methods according to various articles.Now, the water-bath sterilizer which used for the sterilization of liquid preparation is the focus of attention.It is a typical pharmaceutical sterilization equipment which adopt moist heat sterilization,and it is widely used in liquid medicine manufacturing enterprises.


Water-bath Sterilizer

Since the application of water-bath sterilization,the sterilized products could be qualified.So if the machine is correctly operated,and the rules are strictly operated,and periodic validations are carried out on the equipment,and monitored strictly,using water shower sterilizer can help to provide qualified sterilized drug products.

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