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Vertical Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Features:

1. Internal circulation of steam water.
2. Pulse vacuum exhaust to ensure the steam sterilization effect.
3. The vertical pulse vacuum autoclave adopts mobile probe detection to directly ensure the internal temperature of the liquid and the sterilization effect of the liquid program.
4. Efficient vacuum pumping system. The ultimate vacuum can reach -90KPa or more. Low noise, fast pumping speed, good dryness. Sterilization more thorough.
5. LCD screen displays pressure, temperature, time and error code and operation curve, etc.
6. Selectable programs for packaging, unpackaged, dressing, rubber, liquid, liquid customization, solid customization, media sterilization, media dissolution, B&D test and vacuum test.
7. Automatic operation of the complete process of preheating, displacement, pulse exhaust, heating, sterilization and drying.
8. 0.22μm sterilization high efficiency air filter. The filtration efficiency is higher than 99.5% to ensure that the vacuum extracted air is sterile air and prevent re-contamination of sterile materials.
9. Standard built-in printer for recording information during the whole sterilization process.
Vertical Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

Vertical Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Instruction:

Our vertical pulse vacuum autoclaves are fully automatic sterilizers with front and back pulsed vacuum cycles. These high pressure vertical autoclaves are designed for routine sterilization applications in laboratories and hospitals where high performance sterilization is required, they can even successfully sterilize and disinfect in epidemic conditions such as coronavirus (covid). These autoclaves feature 4 cycle programs for glassware, instruments, liquids and dressings. the most important feature of the FAVE series of vertical autoclaves is the vacuum pump, which is used for pre-evacuation to remove air and for post-evacuation to remove moisture for rapid drying.

These high pressure vertical autoclaves are made of stainless steel and are equipped with LED smart controls. The lid lock is hand-wheeled for easier opening and closing of the lid. The machine is also equipped with a steam collection tank inside; therefore, there is no steam emission after sterilization. This feature makes this series most suitable for use in cleanroom areas.

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