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Vacuum Oven Drying System
Vacuum Oven Drying System
The DZK series vacuum oven drying system is used to dry the material which is subjected to heating and drying under vacuum, and the vacuum pump is used for pumping and dehumidifying to accelerate the drying rate. When the heating temperature is constant and the degree of vacuum is increased, the drying rate can be increased. When the degree of vacuum is constant, the heating temperature is increased to accelerate the drying rate. By increasing the degree of vacuum and increasing the heating temperature, the drying rate is greatly accelerated.

Vacuum Oven Drying System

1. Automatic door switch: It adopts electric quick opening door with interlock function.
2. Door window: User can observe the dry condition of the medicine through the door window.
3. Cleaning: Hot water soak + side spray (optional)
4. Jacket preheating: Jacket forms effective insulation layer to reduce the heat loss inside the cabinet.
5. Plate heating: The hollow diaphragm design can achieve temperature uniformity at ± 1.5 ° C,  to ensure medicine dry consistency.
6. Hot water circulation system: It has a separate hot water tank, heated by steam or electricity. The temperature control precision is high and can be designed as built in type or external type.
7. The detachable design of the loading cart: The loading cart can be removed from the chamber, and the heating layer plate is detachable, which is convenient for overhaul and cleaning in stages.
In the mean time, the machine can be operated with multiple carts, which is convenient to increase working efficiency.

Vacuum Oven Drying System

8. Pulse vacuum foaming system: The equipment is installed with system foam breaking function. Each tray is with a broken cell hole to ensure the foam breaking effect.

And the vacuum pipeline adopts laminar flow design to ensure the quick discharge of evaporated water carried by the broken foam, so as to achieve the effect of both improving the drying effect and breaking the bubble.

At the same time, the vacuum degree of the equipment can be controlled and adjusted in real time, which enables the equipment to be adjusted to high, standard, and low speed drying mode, to adapt the drying of different products.
9. Vacuum system: The vacuum degree can be adjusted by vacuum unit. Or if vacuum system is already available in user’s site, it can be directly connected to the vacuum system, and could be automatically controlled by using vacuum control valve.
10. Pipeline design system: It mainly includes compressed air bubble break pipeline, vacuum pipeline, jacket steam pipeline, chamber steam pipeline (the machine with medicine powder sterilization function), hot water circulation pipeline, water tank heating pipeline.

All valve positions are easy to be maintained, the pipeline is clear and beautiful.
11. Full automatic control system: Parameters can be set in sections to realize more complicated process, and ensure the drying efficiency.

Vacuum Oven Drying System-1

Vacuum Oven Drying System Application:

Vacuum oven drying system  is suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials which are easily decomposed, polymerized or deteriorated under high temperature. It can be sterilized before drying, and no impurities are mixed into the material during the drying process.

It belongs to the static vacuum dryer, so the shape of the dry material will not be damaged during drying, and it is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics and other industries. Mainly used for drying and sterilizing traditional medicine semi-dip cream, full extract, herbal medicine, and raw material powder (requires to be loaded by tray).

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