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Use Method of Steam Sterilizer and Precautions

Steam sterilizers are widely used in the fields of medical care, environmental protection, industrial chemistry, etc., mainly through sterilization at high temperatures. Users who are new to the device are definitely not familiar with the use of steam sterilizers and precautions, but don’t worry, follow the instructions for use.
What are the methods and precautions for using the steam sterilizer?
Let’s take a look at the construction of a steam sterilizer. The unit is a double-layered metal cylinder with water between the two layers. The outer layer is thick and solid. The top of the device is a metal lid with a spiral next to the lid to close the lid and keep the steam from overflowing.
The steam sterilizer is equipped with an exhaust valve and a safety piston on top to adjust the pressure of the steam. There are also thermometers and pressure gauges to indicate internal pressure and temperature.


Regarding the use of steam sterilizers, the use of the equipment is not complicated, but users should be more careful to use because of certain safety hazards. Add water to the outer cylinder, put the items that need to be sterilized into the inner tube, cover the sterilizer, tighten the screw, and make sure to seal. The sterilizer is heated by gas, and at the same time, the exhaust valve should be opened and the cold air inside should be removed. Otherwise, the pressure on the pressure gauge indicates that the value is not necessarily accurate and will also affect the sterilization effect.
After the air is exhausted, close the exhaust valve and continue heating. Let the gauge rise to the required pressure and keep it for 15-30 minutes. When the time is up, you can stop heating. Remember, wait until the pressure drops to zero, then slowly open the exhaust valve, drain the remaining steam, and remove the item. Also, after using the steam sterilizer, unplug the power.
What are the methods and precautions for steam sterilizers? At present, steam sterilizers are used in a wide range of applications, and more and more users are able to master the use of technology. Exclude in advance, as far as possible, the entire process can be smoothly operated to achieve the best sterilization effect.

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