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Usage of autoclave sterilizer

Autoclave sterilization (autoclave) has the advantages of fast sterilization speed, reliable effect, high temperature, strong penetration and so on. Points to note in sterilization:

1)Preliminary treatment of disinfection articles. Medical instruments, sheets and clothes that have come into contact with pathogenic microorganisms should be disinfected with chemical disinfectant first, and then washed in accordance with routine procedures. In particular, all kinds of goods after infectious ward use, to strictly check, after strict disinfection, and then clean, disinfection. Routine cleaning, first with detergent solution to soak scrub, remove items on the oil, blood dirt and other dirt, and then rinse with running water. Equipment and other items such as shafts, grooves and gaps should be opened or disassembled as far as possible and thoroughly washed. After washing, the articles should be dried and packed according to the clinical needs to avoid re-contamination. Containers and conveyors for items before and after decontamination should be strictly distinguished and clearly marked to prevent cross infection.


The packing and container of disinfection articles should be appropriate. (Autoclave) the packaging shall be double coated white cotton cloth. The new coated cloth shall be washed to remove the pulp before use. Article packing with cord binding, to loose spread appropriate, should not be too tight. When the container is used, it can not only prevent the invasion of external microorganisms, but also have better steam penetration. Such as special syringe sterilization box, dressing storage tank, etc. Because the steam is difficult to enter and the air inside the box is not easy to discharge, conventional sterilization can not achieve sterilization effect. The experimental results show that the contamination rate is much higher than that of medical aluminum boxes. Therefore, civil aluminum box syringes or instruments cannot be used for sterilization.

3)The packing and putting of disinfection articles should be reasonable. Too many or improperly placed disinfection articles can affect the sterilization effect. The contents of the sterilizing pot shall not be oversqueezed or exceed the capacity of the pot. Try to sterilize similar articles in a pot. If different kinds of articles are packed and put together, the temperature and time required for the sterilized articles shall prevail. Article loading and placing, the upper and lower left and right should be staggered, leaving gaps, so that the steam easy through. The large sterilizing bag should be placed on the upper layer upright, while the small bag should be placed on the large enamel box and storage tank, which should also be placed on the cloth and metal articles for sterilization. The metal articles should be placed on the lower layer, so that the two are basically the same when heated, and prevent the condensed water produced in the sterilization of metal articles from wetting the cloth.

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