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TQS/TYS Series Ventilation Autoclave Introduction:

TQS/TYS series ventilation autoclave is used in prefilled glass or palstic syringes, retort pouch packed mask and wipes, contact lenses, blood bags.

The autoclave adopts mixed clean steam and air as sterilization medium. The sterilization equipment pressure balance, back pressure protection can be well controlled by this way. So sterilization equipment is used for the items that need to keep shape, sealed in the same time of sterilization. Force convection fan and air guide plate structure, make the chamber non saturated steam well mixed to ensure the sterilization temperature evenness.

TQS TYS Series Ventilation Autoclave

The autoclave are equipped with cooling coil. Product cooling and drying is achieved by the condensation of the mixed gas inside the chamber through getting the cooling water into the coil. Product is cooled by the cold air and the water on the surface of the product evaporates in the same time. To realize the purpose of cooling and drying finally. The autoclave machine could also be equipped with hot air drying function for some products that have high requirements for the drying effect.

Ventilation Autoclave Structure:

The main-body of this ventilation autoclave adopts orizontal rectangular structure. with chamber made by 304 or 316L stainless steel material. The autoclave is covered by the external plate that is made by draw-benched stainless steel. And the equipment is accessorized with standard GMP verification interface. Industrial control system PLC + HMI has a standard “user management, data storage, process management” function. The sterilization process can be traced back, with independent data recording device and Industrlal control system to ensure data accuracy.

Ventilation Autoclave Parameter Table:

Main Parameter / Model TQS-1.0 TQS-1.5 TQS-2.0 TQS-2.5 TQS-3.0 TQS-4.0 TQS-5.0
Chamber Measurement 1050×910×1130 1300×1000×1200 1700×1000×1200 2100×1000×1200 2500×1000×1200 2200×1300×1400 2600×1300×1400
External Measurement 1300×2000×2200 1600×2000×2200 2000×2000×2200 2400×2000×2200 2820×2000×2200 2800×2400×2300 3000×2400×2500
Steam 45kg 50kg 80kg 100kg 120kg 150kg 200kg
Colling Water 800kg 1000kg 1200kg 1500kg 1800kg 2200kg 2700kg
Compressed Air 1m3 1.5m3 2m3 2.5m3 3.0m3 4.0m3 5.0m3
Power 3.5KW 3.5KW 4.5KW 5.5KW 5.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW
Net Weight 1700kg 2000kg 2200kg 2500kg 3000kg 3500kg 4000kg
Design Pressure 0.245MPA
Design Temperature 139℃
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