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The Use Of Horizontal Pressure Autoclave

Disinfect: Kill pathogenic microorganism
Sterilize: Kill all the microorganism
Sterilization methods
The sterilization methods including the physical and chemical type, chemical type method mainly sterilize by using disinfectant, while the physical type methods various, including dry heat, moisture heat, ultraviolet radiation and etc. Moisture heat sterilization is more commonly used, which is also called pressure heat sterilization. The operation is very critical for moisture heat sterilization, the quality, pressure, and temperature of steam have large effect to the sterilization effect.
A character of steam: The effect of moisture heating method is good, it is because when the presence of water under high temperature, which can accelerate the coagulation of protein of bacteria. Normally the sterilization effect of moisture sterilization is often related to the status of steam. And steam has three kinds of status according to different temperature:
1.Wet saturated steam: That is the steam autoclave contains water, the water exist by the large heat loss during the transportation of the steam, as a result, fine water droplets exist in the steam, this kind of steam has low heat content, the penetration ability is bad, so the sterilization effect is bad.
2.Saturated steam: The temperature of the steam is same as the water boiling point of water when the steam pressure achieves balance, steam do not contain fine water droplets. Saturated steam has high heat power, heat penetration is large, so the sterilization effect is good.
3.Overheat steam: The water of pressure autoclave is insufficient, water in liquid status continues to be heated and generate to steam. If external steam is used, the air inside the chamber of the autoclave cannot be exhausted, the overheated steam will also be generated. This kind of steam is similar to the dry heat status. Under the status of temperature rising under the same pressure, although the temperature is higher than the saturated steam, the penetration ability is bad, when the temperature cannot achieve the sterilization temperature of dry heat sterilizer, the bacteria protein cannot be denaturated, so the sterilization effect is not as good as saturated steam.
The resistance of a various microorganism to the moisture heat various. The higher the temperature of moisture heat, the shorter the time required to kill the bacteria. However, the temperature can only reach 100 ℃ under an atmospheric pressure. Unless it takes a long time, it would be hard to kill all the bacteria spores. To increase the temperature to 100 ℃ and above, pressure heat method must be adopted. Under certain condition, the saturated steam temperature is proportional to the pressure.

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