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The main points of selecting humid heat sterilization cabinet

1.Selection principle of humid heat sterilization cabinet

Generally speaking, there are many comprehensive factors to be considered in the selection of equipment, but the basic factors are nothing more than the reliability of sterilization effect, the feasibility of equipment investment, the economy of sterilization operation, the applicability of the sterilized goods and the effectiveness of the quality of the sterilized items.

1.1Comprehensive consideration of factors

In terms of equipment investment, rotary water shower sterilizer is more expensive than water shower sterilizer, water shower sterilizer is more expensive than steam sterilizer, special type sterilizer is more expensive than general type sterilizer, pulse vacuum steam sterilizer is more expensive than ordinary pressure steam sterilizer; For operation of the economy, because of the sterilization cabinet room effective volume and the number in the use of equipment, because of the sterilization temperature uniformity of yield, caused by the whole sterilization cycle length of different power consumption, maintenance costs, depreciation of equipment and labor and this requires a detailed comparison and measurement to be sure.

(1)When restricted by equipment investment, or by the versatility of sterilized items and the consideration of sterilization of many varieties and small batches of products, the general pressure steam sterilization cabinet can be selected, especially the pulse vacuum steam sterilization cabinet is the best.

(2)Considering the economy of scale production, single and large quantities of sterilized items and other factors, for the pressure steam sterilization cabinet, special humid heat sterilization cabinet should be preferred, such as leak test sterilization cabinet, large infusion rapid cooling sterilization cabinet, multi-functional Chinese medicine sterilization cabinet, flexible packaging sterilization cabinet, forced ventilation and dry flexible packaging sterilization cabinet, etc.

(3)When considering the quality effectiveness and yield of the sterilized products, the water shower sterilization is the most suitable for the sterilization of encapsulated liquid, and the rotary water shower sterilization has the best sterilization effect on suspensions, emulsions and other easy to precipitate stratified, heat-sensitive and viscous drug liquids. Secondly, the special pressure steam sterilization cabinet should be considered.

(4)When ordinary boiler steam containing impurities or other chemical substances is used as the sterilizing medium, the sterilization of unpackaged items may bring adverse effects such as secondary contamination.At this time,the pure steam sterilization cabinet (or sanitary sterilization cabinet) should be selected to use.

1.2Structure and control considerations

1.2.1Cabinet door

(1)The number of the cabinet door:The number of the cabinet door generally has two types:single door and double doors.

When the items before and after disinfection and sterilization are in two different clean areas, or when the items before and after disinfection and sterilization need to be strictly separated by the sterilization cabinet to prevent the disinfected and unsterilized items from mixing, the double door type humid heat sterilization cabinet is often used, and the opening and closing of the double door is set with interlock protection.

(2)The open way of cabinet door includes manual door and electric door, open direction has revolving door and moving door.

(3)The locking device of the cabinet door has the radial bracing type, sliding door latch lock type, the insert tooth locking type, the transverse bracing type and the extrusion locking type; Small sterilization cabinets are commonly used bolt and nut type, screw type and cross arm type locking structure, locking mode can be manual, electric and pneumatic.

1.2.2 Placed method of items:The way to be used in the sterilization cabinet can be shelf or joist, sterilization trays and frame sterilization carts, sterilization carts ground, half-floor hand-pushed and folding guide rail and frame sterilization carts.

1.2.3 Items handling ways: Items handling has two ways: indirect handling by connecting the sterilization carts to the moving carts and direct handling by the sterilization carts on the ground track.

1.2.4 Control mode: sterilization operation process, according to the specific requirements of the user, there are manual type, automatic control type and process parameters automatic recording three options.

1.2.5 Cabinet body:The general cabinet body has two kinds of cylindrical shape and rectangular shape.No matter what shape it is, the cabinet body design shall be in accordance with the pressure vessel design regulations and equipped with safety devices.In addition to the production requirements, the structure of the cabinet should also meet the requirements of rapid heat transfer, uniform temperature, simple and economical manufacturing process.Generally speaking, the rectangular cabinet has a spectacular and elegant appearance and large effective utilization space, but the manufacturing process is complex. The consumption of circulating water is more than that of the circular one and it is inconvenient to preserve. The gap between the cabinet wall and the sterilization workshop is small, which brings inconvenience to the placement of the temperature probe line.The circular cabinet body has strong pressure capacity, relatively simple manufacturing process, low manufacturing cost, relatively less circulating water consumption, and is easy to be stored in the cabinet body. The gap between the cabinet wall and the sterilization workshop can be divided into maximum value and minimum value. The temperature measuring probe line can be placed in the position with large gap, which is not easy to be damaged.

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