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The Importance of Water Purity on Sterilization

The Importance of Water Purity on Sterilization:

The Importance of Water Purity on Sterilization: Water quality can effect the life of the built-in steam generator, as well as the life of the autoclave and the sterilization load. So the water quality is very important for the autoclave.

For the normal operation of the autoclave, which kind of water is most suitable for the autoclave?
Normally, the tap water will be available on the installation site. However, the tap water could be hard, and contains a lot of minerals and other chemical. When steam generator boils water, the mineral and salts cold be left behind, the mineral would turn like paint inside the generator. If these mineral are not cleared, they will continue to genrate and gradually the steam generator will have less space. And the heating coil will be covered with thick mineral, which could result in the failure of the steam generator if they are not cleaned. So the water is suggested to be treated before inlet into the autoclave and steam generator.

The Importance of Water Purity on Sterilization

The Importance of Water Purity on Sterilization

Normally, there are two types of water treatment, softened water and RO water.
The softened water is generated by the process of water softener. The magnesium and calcium and other minerals could be dissolved during the treatment by the water softener. This softened water is suggested to be used both for the built-in steam geneartor and the vacuum pump.
For the customer who has higher requirement. RO water could be used for the water source of the built-in steam generator. As long as the RO water removes the solid contaminates and minerals more clearly than the softened water.

Besides the water treatment, the water pipeine material is also very important. The stainless steel or copper material pipeline should be adopted. It could not be carbon steel pipeline, or the pipeline could generate rust and contaminate the water.
If you need the water treatment system, our compnay could accessorize the water softener with the machine. Which could increase the lift span of both the autoclave and the steam generator. For more informations, please consult our sales representatives.

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