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The process indicators of  low temperature vacuum dryer are just between the above two equipments.

Low temperature vacuum dryer is a breakthrough in that it can form a porous and loose shape inside the dried product, retain the original material properties of the product, and have a good appearance.

Low temperature vacuum dryer can meet the processing requirements of a large part of heat-sensitive materials.

Low Temperature Vacuum Dryer

the technical characteristics:

1.  low temperature vacuum dryer realizes continuous feeding and discharging under vacuum, and the feeding amount can be set freely as required.

2. The heating system can adopt various forms such as steam, hot water and electric heating to heat transfer oil heating.

3. The drying temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily from 25°C to 80°C. After 20 minutes to 60 minutes, the material will be discharged continuously until the batch is completed.

4. The crawler adopts Teflon material, which runs smoothly and reliably, and the heating area is even. The crawler speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the number of layers can be divided into 2-5 layers, which can be determined according to the user’s production requirements.

5. The use of various cloth devices can be adapted to the drying of various materials such as liquids, extracts, powders and granular materials.

6. Equipped with an automatic crushing system under vacuum conditions, the number of dry particles can be arbitrarily selected according to user requirements.

7. Equipped with CIP in-place cleaning system, automatic cleaning is quick and convenient.

8. The high-quality vacuum unit is selected and carefully designed and combined to have a continuous large-capacity pumping rate and a stable vacuum.

9. Low energy consumption, no waste,low noise.

10. Fully comply with GMP certification requirements.

There are many brands of autoclaves, such as wayne,philips, avent, etc.

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