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Technical and cleaning requirements for steam sterilization

In the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biological products, medical health and scientific research and other industries often need to use disinfection and sterilization equipment for disinfection and sterilization treatment of related articles.

In all available methods of disinfection sterilization, the steam is a kind of application effect of the earliest and the most reliable, the most widely used method.It can kill all the microorganisms, including bacteria breeding, fungi, viruses, protozoa, algae, and stronger resistance of bacterial spores, therefore, steam sterilization is highly valued in industrial disinfection and sterilization. The early sterilization of Traditional Chinese medicine is almost always adopt steam sterilization.

It is the most effective and widely used method for thermal sterilization to kill microorganisms by using pressure steam or other humid heat sterilization medium in the sterilizer.

For food, the materials heated while sterilizing must maintain the nutrition and flavor of food, and the energy consumption of food and beverage is also an important aspect to consider the competitiveness of enterprises. For drugs, while achieving reliable disinfection and sterilization effect, it is necessary to ensure that drugs are not damaged and ensure the safety, effectiveness and stability of their efficacy.

Medicines, liquid medicines, glassware, culture media, dressings, fabrics, metal instruments and other articles that do not change or become damaged under high temperature and humid heat can be sterilized by steam. The widely used pressure steam sterilizer is the classic equipment of steam sterilizer. Although in recent years, many new equipments have been developed in order to meet various needs, they are all developed on the basis of pressure steam sterilizer.

Steam mainly causes the death of microorganisms by solidifying their proteins, and steam has strong penetrability. Therefore, a large amount of latent heat is released when steam condenses, which can make the objects rapidly heated. Steam sterilization not only has reliable effect, but also can reduce the sterilization temperature and reduce the action time. Steam sterilization has become the first choice because of its uniformity, penetration, reliability and efficiency.

The steam here is the dry saturated steam. Rather than in the production of various kinds of oil and petrochemical industry and power station steam turbine on the use of superheated steam and superheated steam for sterilization process is not suitable for, although the superheated steam temperature is higher and has more than the saturated steam heat, but the overheating parts of heat compared with saturated steam condensate produced by latent heat of vaporization is very small. And the time from superheated steam temperature to saturation temperature is long, using superheated steam heating will reduce the heat exchange efficiency.

Of course, containing condensed water moisture vapor is more bad, on the one hand, the moisture contained in the steam itself will dissolve some of the impurities in the pipeline, on the other hand, when the water to be disinfected vessels, drugs, it hindered the transfer of steam to the heat of medicine, reduce the transfer of temperature. When steam contains more fine fog, the barrier of gas flow is not conducive to heat penetration, but also increases the difficulty of drying after sterilization.

On the basis of the pulse vacuum steam sterilization cabinet, use clean steam used for aseptic operation and diagnosis of medical apparatus and instruments, aseptic goods containers, packaging materials and other goods sterilization,It not only achieves the ideal sterilization effect, improves the product grade of sterilization cabinet, but also controls the unnecessary increase of operation cost.

If the customer is able to provide industrial steam, sterilizing clean steam may be the clean steam produced by watt steam – steam type clean steam generator before entering the chamber, through the sanitary grade steam separator to ensure the steam saturation and also ensure that the clean steam is sterile, free of pyrogens and free of particles.

Compared with ordinary steam sterilization cabinet, Since clean steam is used as sterilization medium in the chamber, Therefore, compared with the sterilization cabinet with ordinary pressure steam as the sterilization medium, it is more hygienic, cleaner and more in line with GMP requirements.And also can improve product class, more suitable for direct contact with sterile equipment and aseptic goods containers, medical treatment and hospital sterilization of packaging materials.

Now I want to recommend 3 kinds of steam sterilizer to you:

1)MQS pulse vacuum sterilizer: This series of autoclave is widely used for the sterilization of textile, metal utensils, filters, glassware, and medium (liquid product stored in open container).

2)AQS steam ampoule (oral liquid) leak test sterilizer:This series of autoclave use steam as sterilization medium, which is used for the sterilization of sterilization medium, vials and tube bottles and with the function of high temperature sterilization and leak test.

3)CQS pure steam sterilizer: This series of autoclave use steam as sterilization medium, which is used for the sterilization of clothes, metal utensils, aluminum cap plug that will be used in hundred level clean areas or other places that have high standard requirement.

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