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Superheated Water Shower Sterilizer

Superheated Water Shower Sterilizer:

HUANYU SYS series autoclave is superheated water shower sterilizer designed specially for the sterilization of infusion solution in large capacity for the pharmaceutical factories. The sterilizer machine is designed according the GMP standard. And the autoclave is in accordance with China TS pressure vessel standard.

It adopts super-heated water as the sterilization medium and is fitted with the pure water circulation system. The water is heated throught the plate heat exchangerthrough the steam and cooled down through the cooling water through heat exchanger. The temperature evenness is much better through the evenly heating and cooling of the heat exchanger. Thus, it is suitable for the sterilization of filled vials, plastic ampoules and soft bags it could help to keep shape after sterilization.

Superheated Water Shower Sterilizer

Superheated Water Shower Sterilizer

The chamber adopts SS304 or SS316L stainless steel to prevent the chamber from corrossion. The door adopts horizontal sliding door, which is full automatic and operates conveniently, no need operation to pull or push. The door seal is made of silicon material, which is with good quality and long service life.

Control system adopts SCADA control system, it combines PC and touch screen control, which could operate conviently and achive remote control in the same time. The sterilization recipies could be adjusted according to the different sterilization craft requirement of users. The system is with historical data trace back function. The user could check the historical data conveniently through the system. It could also realize the function of real time monitoring, operator could check the real time temperature, pressure, valve operation, liquid level and the alarm prompt, which make it convnient for operator to check the status of the autoclave.

HUANYU could provide custom-made service for the autoclave. Not only the chamber size volume, but also the loading cart design to make it suitable for all kinds of loading items. The structure is also adjusted according to different sterilization loads to prevent the deformation of the strerilization load after sterilization. HUANYU SYS series autoclave is specially designed for the terminal sterilization of liquids in the sealed containers.

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