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Substrate Sterilizer Retorts Instruction:

Substrate sterilizer retorts are specialized type of distiller designed to sterilize the growth medium for the production of mycelium and sporocyst (zoospore) components of fungi. Substrate containers are usually polypropylene bags or bowls that are not sealed and require a saturated steam process to reach typical sterilization temperatures of 250°F / 121°C or above.

Substrate sterilizers have an additional feature, an overpressure (counterpressure) cooling step, which prevents the container from bursting due to a sudden loss of pressure. By using compressed air to remove heat from the vessel, the overall time of the process cycle is greatly reduced. In addition, the cooling phase can be further shortened by using a vacuum cooling process. This can be achieved by a liquid ring vacuum pump or a steam ejector.

Substrate Sterilizer Retorts

Substrate Sterilizer Retorts Characteristics:

A small amount of process water is quickly circulated to quickly reach the intended substrate sterilizer temperature.
Reduced steam consumption. Steam and atomized water are mixed directly in the retort sterilizer to increase the speed of heating up.
Low noise, creating a quiet and comfortable working environment.
The kettle is equipped with four movable temperature sensing probes, which can monitor the F value of the food center inside the kettle at any time to understand the heat penetration.
Perfect pressure control, especially suitable for products containing gas packaging.
Automatic door opening is optional.
Single pot spray type (inter-lift inter-cooling) high temperature and high pressure regulation sterilization kettle.
Full-featured sterilization kettle is suitable for a variety of high-temperature resistant packaging materials.
Applicable containers: glass bottle containers, tin cans, aluminum cans, PP bottles, HDPE bottles, aluminum foil bags, vacuum bags, high-temperature steaming bags, etc.
Indirect heating and cooling: cooling water and process water are not in contact to avoid secondary contamination of food. No use of water treatment chemicals, sterilization at high temperature for a short time.
Sterilization temperature and sterilization time can be adjusted according to the process flow requirements.

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