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Structure of High Pressure Sterilizer

When it comes to high pressure sterilizers, it is actually a high pressure container. This type of equipment is widely used. For example, the food industry, the medical industry, the industrial industry, and the chemical industry are all needed. However, most users do not fully understand the structure of high pressure sterilizer, so it will also affect normal use. On this issue, we look at how experienced users are introduced, and we hope to spread more common sense to users.


Don’t underestimate a small sterilizer. In fact, its structure is still very complicated. There are many systems. First of all, the electric lock system can easily open the cover by touch controller, and can also close the cover. It is very safe throughout the process, and the control effect is still ideal with the electric lock system. The safety two-way detection interlocking device locks the lid by detecting the pressure inside and the temperature inside the cabinet to ensure safety when used. This is very important for the user. After all, the high pressure sterilizer is also dangerous during use. With the safety two-way detection interlock, the danger can be greatly reduced. There is also an automatic exhaust device. There is definitely a high temperature during the use of the autoclave. If the internal exhaust is not performed in time, it will have a great impact. After the sterilization is completed, the speed can be preset. The release of the steam inside, so as to achieve the initial effect.
The memory support system is also one of the sterilizer structures. It can change various parameters, such as sterilization exhaust, heating, etc. If these parameters change, if there is a power outage or other accident, then The above parameters can still be retained, so the memory support system is also critical for the user. The design structure of the sterilizer can greatly save space, and it adopts vertical upwards and opens the cover to save more space. In general, the structure of the autoclave is still relatively complex, composed of various parts, and each link is particularly important. Therefore, during the operation of a sterilizer, the staff needs to pay attention to many matters, especially the safety problem. It is also hoped that the users can not only ensure the correctness but also improve the safety during the operation.

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