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Sterilizer Overview

Traditional sterilizer, also known as steam sterilization pot, can be divided into portable sterilization pot and vertical autoclave. As a result of a variety of precision instruments and equipment are gradually applied, and these devices are often unable to withstand high temperature and can not be high temperature sterilization. In order to solve this problem, a variety of low-temperature sterilizer gradually.
The traditional sterilizer uses electric wire to heat the water to produce steam and can maintain a certain pressure. There is a main can be sealed barrel, pressure gauge, exhaust valve, safety valve, electric wire and other components. The low temperature sterilizer is divided into ethylene oxide (EO) low temperature sterilizer, hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer, low temperature steam formaldehyde sterilizer (LTSF) according to the different sterilization mechanism.
Application of sterilizers
It is suitable for medical and health care, scientific research, agriculture and other units, the medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution medium, etc. disinfection and sterilization, is the ideal equipment. Portable autoclave [1] is a food factory, drinking water plant to do QS, HACCP certification of the necessary testing equipment.
Sterilizer control mode

Autoclave Autoclave
The use of microcomputer intelligent automatic control, control sterilization pressure, temperature, time; over-temperature automatic protection set: more than set the temperature, automatically cut off the heating power; door safety chain device: the cavity pressure, the door cannot be opened by the interlock control device ; Low water level alarm: when the water can automatically cut off the power supply, sound and light alarm, import water detection device; leakage protection: configuration leakage protection device; temperature dynamic digital display, end signal displays after the cycle is finished; heating, sterilization, steam discharge and drying process is automatic controlled, no need for manual supervision;
Mode 1: Heating – Sterilization – Exhaust;
Mode 2: Heating – Sterilization – Pulse Exhaust;
Mode three: heating – sterilization – not exhaust,
Mode 4: Customize.

Sterilizer Sterilizer
Sterilizer product configuration
Pressure gauge: more than the rated pressure, release pressure; hand wheel: rotating compass open the door, simple and convenient (for more than 40 liters of products); pressure gauge: indicating pressure display; seal: self-rising ring; ; Steam collection bottles: 3L, polyethylene material; (suitable for the inner row and with a dry type)
How to operate the sterilizer?
1 Add the appropriate amount of water in the outer pot and place the items that need to be sterilized into the inner pot, cover the lid and twist the screw symmetrically.
2 when the pressure gauge pointer reaches 33.78kPa, open the exhaust valve, the cold air will be discharged, then pressure will be decreasing, when the pressure is decreasing to zero, the exhaust valve will be closed.
3 continue to heat, pot steam increased, the pressure gauge pointer and rise, when the pressure inside the pot increased to the required pressure, the fire will be reduced, according to the characteristics of sterilized items, so that the pressure maintain under the required pressure for a certain time, and then The power of the sterilizer or off the fire, let the natural cold and then slowly open the exhaust valve to remove the remaining gas, and then to open the cover
Precautions for use of sterilizers
a product to be sterilized should not be placed too tight;
b the cold air must be completely discharged, otherwise the temperature inside the pot can not reach the specified temperature, affecting the sterilization effect;
c when sterilization is completed, the steam should not be discharged manually, or the bottle of liquid will be intense boiling, flushing the cork and spill and even lead to container burst. The pressure in the sterilizer should be reduced to equal to the atmospheric pressure before opening the lid;
d The microcomputer automatic now just need to put the air-conditioning, the instrument can automatically constant pressure timing, time to automatically cut off the power and whistle, easy to use.

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