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Sterilizer is an Important Tool For Sterilization

Sterilizers are Important Tool For Sterilization of Description:

Sterilizer is an important tool for sterilization, so how should sterilizers be better used? Please read the following details carefully:

Sterilizer is an Important Tool For Sterilization

              Sterilizer is an Important Tool For Sterilization

How to use the sterilizers:

1. Disassemble the outer packaging.

2. Place sterilizers correctly. In order for the sterilization to work properly, sterilizers must be placed on a solid horizontal surface.

3. Add 3.5L of water into the sterilizers. Appropriate amount of water must be added after each application to prevent the electric heating tube from being burnt due to lack of water.

4. Put the prepared items to be sterilized into the sterilizers. There should be a gap between the bag and the bag to ensure air penetration. Put the lid on the well and tighten the screws.

5. Check the type of power supply and make sure sterilizers are consistent with the specifications to be used. Then plug one end into the plug of the sterilizers, and plug the other end into the power socket.

6. Pay attention to the pressure indication or temperature indication of the pressure gauge. When the steam pressure rises to about 0.165Mpa, the safety valve will work automatically. When the pressure drops to about 0.142Mpa, the safety valve will automatically close to maintain a constant pressure.

7. After the sterilization is over, first unplug the plug and stop heating. Turn on the steam release again to release the steam, and you must wait for the pointer of the pressure gauge to return to zero before opening the cover to discharge the remaining steam.

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