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Sterilizer Ampoule Leak Test Methods

Sterilizer Ampoule Leak Test Methods:

Why is vacuum leak test important for the terminal sterilization? For the sterilization of the closed ampoules and vials. It is very important to conduct vacuum leak test in the same time of sterilization. It is very important to ensure the safety of the sterilized products and prevent the secondary pollution due to the unseal that would infect the medicine user’s body. Sterilizer Ampoule Leak Test Methods.

HUANYU AQS series autoclave uses vacuum leak test and color leak test two methods for checking the leakage of the ampoules.

Vacuum Leak Test:

The vacuum leak test is suitable for the non-transparent glass ampoules. Through vacuum leak test, the machine conduct vacuum after sterilization and the vacuum would be kept for the set time. If the ampoule package is broken, the medicine would be vacuumed through the glass. So the leakaged ampoule could be easily found out after sterilization through the liquid level of the ampoule.

Sterilizer Ampoule Leak Test Methods

Sterilizer Ampoule Leak Test Methods

Color Water Leak Test:

The color water leak test is suitalbe for the transparent glass ampoules. The color water leak test is conduected by spraying the color water into the chamber. If the ampoule leaks, the color water would enter into the bottle, so after sterilization, the leaked ampoule colr would be changed.

Upturn Leak Test:

For the special packaged ampoules, upturn leak test is required for the twice leak test of ampoules, which improves the detection rate, and ensures the safety of the products.

Through the leak test, the leaked ampoules could be checked, which ensures the safety of the ampoules, it greatly improves the safety of the ampoules. So it is very important for the final ampoule sterilizer to be fitted with the leak test functions. The leak test function various according to the different ampoule package. So it is important to communicate with the sterilizer manufacture before the order for the confirmation of the leak test method.

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