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The sterilization is a process used to render an item free of viable organisms with specified probability. And sterilization cycle is a sequence of defined operating parameters, for example, time, temperature, pressure and conditions required to render an item sterile. So the sterilizer design is primarily based upon the types of cycles the sterilizer is intended to perform. Moist heat means that steam, steam-air mixtures, and super-heated water used for sterilization. Most moist heat sterilization cycles reply on direct contact with saturated steam, which is water vapor in equilibrium with liquid water. Saturated steam can exist only along the phase boundary; in other words, saturated steam means that is at a temperature and pressure chat corresponds to the vaporization curve of water. Is is in a state of equilibrium between a liquid and a gas without liquid water. The other name of saturated steam is dry saturated steam. That is to say that the relationship between its temperature and pressure is fixed. Saturated steam is the most effective for sterilization process.

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Sterilization is accomplished by the heat transfer from the steam to the load and by the hydrating effect of the resultant condensate that forms as a result of the change in sate from vapor to the lower energy liquid state. Steam includes plant steam, process steam and pure steam. Plant steam means that steam of undefined chemical or biological quality produced from a boiler, usually containing boiler additives, without further treatment. Process steam is similar to plant steam, except the steam is generated using a controlled feed water source to which no volatile additives have been introduced. Process steam may be appropriate for moist heat sterilization of liquid loads where the containers filled and sealed prior to sterilization. Pure steam means that its collected condensate that complies with the requirements to water for injection. Heat which was required to change it from liquid to vapor 39.6kj/mole at 1210C. This phase change requires the transfer of the latent heat of the steam to the surroundings ,thus the sterilizer and its load have a large difference in heating.
The autoclave specification is documents that define sterilizer system attributes and how they should be met. We are familiar with user requirement specification, yet there are other specification related autoclave. They are design specification, functional specification and user requirement specification. Design specification means a set of specifications and information related to the installation features of the system, including equipment, hardware and software, which will ensure the realization of the user requirements. Functional specification means a description of functional attributes and operational characteristics of the system that will ensure fulfillment of the user requirements. And user requirement specification means a description of features and performance requirements of a system that will fulfill the needs of the end user.

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