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Sterilization Principle of Dry Heat Sterilization Equipment

The most advanced carbon fiber far-infrared heating tube is used as heat source, so that the sterilization chamber can quickly reach the preset temperature. The design of advanced air vortex machine and special air duct is adopted to realize forced convection and make the temperature more balanced. Sterilization medium is usually the hot air dry heat sterilization machine under the humidity of the sterilized product, which makes the microorganism oxidize rather than denaturing the protein, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Dry Heat Sterilization Machine

Dry heat sterilization equipment mainly includes oven, dry heat sterilization cabinet, tunnel sterilization system and other equipment systems. Among them, the dry-heat sterilization cabinet and tunnel sterilization system are the supporting equipment for sterilization and drying process of glass containers in pharmaceutical industry. They are suitable for ampoule bottles or other glass containers cleaned by pharmaceutical factories. They are mainly used for sterilization and drying in dishes.

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