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Sterilization of Steam Sterilizer Filter

Sterilization of Steam Sterilizer Filter 

The Sterilization of Steam Sterilizer Filter sterility of the filtration device is one of the import factors of the sterilization.

Sterilization of filters considering factors includes: applications emphasizing weak-chemical conditions.Filter/steam-and-air-sterilizer/s should be sterilized in accordance with field recommendation, it must be validated for the intended purpose of each sterilization process: consideration of the effect on filtration performance, integrity, stability, precipitates and leaches, post-sterilization integrity testing to confirm that the filters are not damaged during sterilization.

The most common sterilization methods:

1.Steam sterilization

Filter assembly preparation is very important, for it is important to protect the sterile filter components, the filter air inlet and outlet must be free to exhaust, cycles of the differential could damage the integrity of the filter. Initial vacuum and steam purge cycles are used to remove air in the initial stage of sterilization. After sterilization, the filter should be took out in time, and cannot be kept inside the autoclave for long time.

2.Online sterilization

Online sterilization also known as SIP, the filter housing can withstand a pressure of 15-30psig (1-2bar). For the filter element,  Steam cannot initially pass through a wet hydrophilic filter, which must be heated to allow steam to flow through. In the cooling process, it should avoid reverse pressure, filter shell cooling faster than the kernel, make the upstream steam pressure drops rapidly, pressure and temperature remains in the filter core, by the positive air pressure at the upstream, the gas could keep positive pressure when getting through the filter.

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