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Steam sterilizer: What are the precautions in use?

11. The reliability of the safety valve should be checked regularly. If the indicator of the pressure gauge is over 0.165Mpa and the safety valve does not jump, the safety valve must be stopped immediately and the qualified safety valve must be replaced.

12.The sterilizer shall be disinfected in the room and operated by a specially-assigned person. It shall not be used in public places.

13.The socket must be equipped with grounding wires. Make sure the power plug is firmly plugged in. Do not damage wires or use non-specified power cords. The spring plate connected to the power line should be kept in good contact to protect the ground.

14.Safety valve and pressure gauge shall be sent to the measurement and testing department for evaluation after the expiry of one year.

15.There is a gap between the items in the sterilizer and they should be stacked in order on the sieve plate in the sterilizer, which is conducive to the steam penetration and can improve the sterilization effect.

16.When heating, please pay attention to plug the power cord tightly and make the grounding copper plate of the plug in close contact with the shield to ensure the safety of use. At the beginning of heating, put the vent valve pick in the vertical open position. The cold air in the sterilizer will overflow from the valve hole during heating at any time. When there is urgent steam out of the valve hole, will pick back to the original position. When the pressure of the sterilizer reaches the required range, adjust or turn off the heat source to maintain the constant pressure, and start calculating the disinfection time. Keep the disinfection time according to different items and packages.

17.When dressings, instruments and utensils need to be dried after disinfection, the steam in the sterilizer can be discharged from the steam release valve at the end of disinfection. When the indicator of the pressure gauge returns to zero, wait for 1-2 minutes, open the cover, and continue heating for several minutes, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

18.If steam is released immediately after disinfection, it will cause serious accidents such as bottle bursting or solution overflow in sterilizer due to sudden drop of pressure. So should not be immediately put on steam, at the end of the disinfection and should stop heating makes its natural cooling 20-30 minutes, make the internal pressure and cooling down to zero (pressure for table pointer back to zero) for a few minutes, after will escape valve open, and then a bit (a little), open the lid from the disinfection room, people for its natural cooling to a certain degree and remove.

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