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Steam sterilizer: Matters needing attention when using

1.seal ring do not add oil, so as not to damage the gum and cause air leakage.

2.The sterilizer should be placed in a ventilated and dry room without inflammable and explosive materials.

3.The safety valve and steam release valve have been calibrated before leaving the factory. The lead seal and screws on the valve shall not be opened at will.

4.The stacked articles shall not exceed 4/5 of the total volume, which is safe.

5.Frequently check whether the grounding of the power line of the sterilizer is good to ensure personal safety.

6.It is strictly prohibited to sterilize the chemicals that cause explosion or sudden pressure boost in contact with the steam medium.

7.When stacking the sterilizer, it is strictly prohibited to plug the air outlet of the safety valve and the steam release valve, and space must be set aside to ensure smooth air, otherwise the safety valve and the air release valve cannot work due to the blockage of the air outlet, causing accidents.

8.When sterilizing liquid, the liquid should be filled in a heat-resistant glass bottle with no more than 3/4 volume. The bottle mouth should be cotton yarn. Do not use perforated rubber or cork; After sterilization, steam cannot be released immediately. Residual gas can be discharged only after the indicator of the pressure gauge returns to zero.

9.For articles with different types and different sterilization requirements, such as dressings and liquids, do not sterilize them together to avoid loss.

10.the pressure gauge after a long time of use, the pressure indication is not correct or cannot return to zero, should be replaced in time, usually should be regularly sent to qualified units for inspection, if not normal, should be replaced with a new table.

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