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Steam Air Sterilization System
Steam Air Sterilization System

This series of Steam Sir Sterilization System is mainly used for the high temperature sterilization of clothes, metal utensils, aluminum cap plug that will be used in hundred level clean areas or other places that high standard requirement. It adopts pure steam as sterilization medium, all parts that contact with the sterilization items (chamber, pipeline, valve, loading cart and etc.) directly are made by 316L stainless steel. It eliminates the impact of cold air on the temperature by pulse vacuum. Vacuum dehumidification combined with jacket heating for drying the items. And finally, the sterile air is emptied to achieve pressure balance. All valves connect to the chamber adopts diaphragm pneumatic valve, and sterile filter has online sterilization and complete test function.

Characteristics of Steam Air Sterilization System

1. with 4 fixed program for appliance, medical dressing, rubbers and fluid,and the user can also set the program as they need.
2. equipped with the PT/TT testing connector, easy to run the testing.
3. Multiple pulse vacuum drying after sterilizing, ensure the nice sterilizing.
4. Equipped with bacteria filter, ensure the sterile air enter the inner vacuum environment,avoid the second contamination.
5. hand wheel type of quick-open door structure,self-inflating type seal.
6. adopted with immersed heating, with high heating efficiency.
7. steam-water inner circulation system:no steam discharge, and the environment for sterilizing will be clean and dry.
8. automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization.
9. fully high quality stainless, equipped with double stainless steel basket.

Huanyu Sterilization Equipment is autoclave and sterilizer manufacturer and supplier in China.We can provide you with Steam Sir Sterilization System.

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