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Steam Effects for the Sterilization Effect

Steam Effects for the Sterilization Effect:

Steam sterilizer is widely applied in the sterilizaion of hospitas, labs and pharmaceutical factories, the penetration character of steam making the sterilization effect reliably, however, the quality of the steam has great influence for the sterilization effect which need to be noted before using using the steam sterilizer.

Steam Effects for the Sterilization Effect

1. Steam Types

Industrial steam
The industrial steam is generated from the municipal waater, which often contains treatment additives, and the industrial steam generator material is normally boiler use carbon steel.
Filtered steam
The industrial steam could be filtered to remove the particles larger than 5 μm.
Clean steam
The clean steam is generated from the deionized water or distilled water, and the materal of the clean steam generator normally requires stainless steel.
Pure steam
The pure steam is generated from the distilled water and the water should be pyrogen free, the material of the pure steam generator should be SS316L.The pure steam is more clean than the normal steam, so it is more suitable for the vessel and package that directly contact the sterile products.

2. Steam Saturation

The satruation of steam influence the sterilization effect largely! The high water content will have bad effect to the sterilization effect. The condensate will cool the sterilization temperature and cause the failure of the sterilization. It will also act as the insulator to the surface of the sterilization load which would influence the penetration of the steam and influence the sterilization effect. How to prevent the steam condense inside the chamber?
Prevacuum before the sterilization to eliminate the chamber cold air.
Adequate drainage could prevent the steam condensate inside the chamber. If the steam trap is fully closed during steriliation, the condensed water cannot be discharged on time, the chamber temperature might be decreased this way, and cause the failure of the sterilization.
If steam source water content is high, the steam and water separator is suggested to decrease the condensate content inside the steam source.

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