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Steam and air autoclave sterilization-ventilation type sterilizer

There may be difficulties for terminal autoclave sterilization for the medicine packed by the delicate containers. The difficulties may occur as follow:
The products may not be in good shape after quick and high degree sterilization.
The products could remain in good shape after quick sterilization, but cannot be fully sterile.
The products could remain in good shape and the sterilization effect is good after long time sterilization, but the time is too long.
So the difficult is how to ensure no deformation on products in the same time of good autoclave sterilization effect in fast process.
First of all, we need to know why the deformation happen to the products during steam sterilization. The chamber pressure rises after the steam get into the chamber, and the internal pressure of the sealed container rises in the same time of heating. So only the container which can withstand the pressure difference could be sterilized in steam sterilizer, for instance, some ampules and vials in small volume.
So how to realize the autoclave sterilization without deformation? There are two types of sterilization methods: water cascade type sterilization, and steam and air mixture sterilization.
1.Water cascade type sterilization:
The water is filled into the chamber and circulated during sterilization. The circulating water is heated by steam for heating the products. And during the cooling phase, the cold water is filled to the cool the hot water inside the chamber. So it could effectively sterilize the products without deformation in fast process. But the only disadvantage of this method is that the surface of the products may be wet after sterilization, which will take some time for it to be dry.
2.Steam and air mixture sterilization:
During the sterilization, the steam and air is mixed. The steam is used to heat the products. The air is added into the chamber by fan to support the pressure. And finally, the air is cooled by internal exchanger to cool the product, and the fan makes the surrounding homogeneous. So the sterilization process is fast, and products are dry after sterilization.
This type of steam and air mixture sterilization methods is well used in the sterilization of mask, pre-filled syringes, tissues and etc.

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