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Steam Air Sterilization Machine
Steam Air Sterilization Machine

This series of Steam Air Sterilization Machine adopts saturated steam (or pure steam) as a sterilization medium. It eliminates the impact of cold air on the temperature by pulse vacuum. Vacuum dehumidification combined with jacket heating for drying the items. And finally, the sterile air is emptied to achieve pressure balance.

Features of Steam Air Sterilization Machine:
1. Stainless steel wiring-drawing plate for decoration case. There is GMP confirmation access for the users to confirm the equipment.
2. Pipeline system adopts the most excellent accessories in the trade, such as GEMU air-operated valve from Germany and NASH vacuum pump and so on.
3. The control system adopts touch screen, PLC, mini-printer to ensure running steadily and inspecting temperature correctly.
4. Complete functions of date record, printing and storing. Temperature, time and pressure graph may be printed.
5. Two ways recorders.
6. It adopts motor-driven sealing door. Operation easily and safely. The sealing strips adopt excellent heat-resistant silicon rubber with long service life.
7. Two types of steam and electric heating according to users’ needs.

Huanyu Sterilization Equipment is autoclave and sterilizer manufacturer and supplier in China.We can provide you with Steam Air Sterilization Machine.

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