Huanyu autoclave provide you autoclave,sterilizer,medical autoclave,water shower sterilizer,pulse vacuum autoclave,steam sterilizer.Huanyu pharmaceutical autoclave equipment is the one of the highest quality manufacturers and suppliers.


Huanyu Pharmaceutical Autoclave Equipment sterilizer (cabinet) is made of rectangular structure, which is made of professional pressure vessel. The structure is reasonable and the space usage is high. The sterilizer door is divided into two kinds of motorized lift doors and door open, equipment with interlocking device of fast open, safe and reliable.

Service Sterilizer

Companies adhere to the “dedicated to humanities science and technology, the core value to guarantee the healthy life” concept; adhere to the “heart of life, health, for the benefit of millions of people” the mission of the enterprise; adhere to the “innovation, development of technology leading”, absorbing the international advanced technology and processing technology, innovation development, innovation. Companies to market oriented, attention to product structure adjustment, and constantly update and develop new products, a variety of products, structures and technologies to international standards, is the user’s best choice. The brilliant prospects, go15, as in the past we pursue the “harmonious development of universal integrity and win-win” business philosophy, Seiko fine products, and global health care workers to walk together to improve and protect the human health.


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