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The selection of Steam sterilizer cabinet

In the pharmaceutical area,food industry,biological products,health service and scientific research,sterilization and disinfection equipment are usually used to sterilize related things.For drugs,all the drugs should be sterilized,sterilized drugs not only need to attain to the request of sterilization effect,but also guarantee drugs from being destroyed to ensure the safety of medical qualities,effectiveness and stability.If the doctor gave the patient an injection with an needle which has not been sterilized,then bacteria would introduce into the patient’s bloodstream through the needle.The needle is the source of infection,and the patient become more prone to death.
Generally speaking,when an item need to be disinfected or sterilized,the first choice for sterilization method should be the practice criterion.If several methods can be used at the same time,according to the physico – chemical properties of items which need to be sterilized,the sterilizing effect,efficiency and other factors,all these factors need to be compared and analyzed,then choose the most suitable disinfection and sterilization method.Attain to the best disinfection and sterilization effect with the most economical running costs.That is to say the overall operating costs should be low. For the moment,of all the available ways of sterilizing,heat is one of the earliest and widely used method,and it’s effect is reliable. This method can kill all micro-organisms,including bacteria vegetative forms,fungi,protozoa,algae,virus and bacteria spore which are far more resistant.Therefore,heat sterilization is deeply respected in industry sterilization.
Heat power method includes moist heat sterilization and dry heat sterilization.The moist heat sterilization method refers to killing all micro-organisms of items in the sterilizer with pressure steam or other moist heat sterilization medium.It is the most effective and most widely used method in the heat sterilization.Drugs,liquids,glassware,culture medium, fabric,clothes,mental instruments and other equipment that do not change or damage under high temperature or moist heat,they all can use this method to sterilize.Because of low sterilization temperature, stranger air penetration and quickly action make the sterilization effect of moist heat method better than dry heat method.Moist heat methods include pressure steam method,flowing steam method,low temperature steam method, boiling method and so on.And the pressure steam method is the first choice in all disinfection sterilization methods,including all moist heat methods,heat power methods and physical methods.So the pressure steam sterilizer is the classical equipment of all moist heat disinfection sterilization which is widely used.But all are developed on the basis of pressure steam sterilizer.
Every equipment should be have the periodic maintenance,and the periodic of sterilizer is great helpful to reduce the failure rate.And the life of the equipment is very long, because the useful life of the equipment depend mainly on the maintainability. And a lot of equipment should normally be validated.For example,the sterilizer should be carried out three times initial validation and tightness test before each use.And the sterilizer should be calibrated every year.

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