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The selection of humid heat sterilization cabinet

The selection principle of humid heat sterilization cabinet

Since the classic damp heat disinfection sterilization equipment – pressure steam sterilization cabinet, in order to meet the various needs, in addition to the sterilization improvements, more developed many new type of wet and heat sterilization cabinet, both to the users in the selection of damp heat sterilization cabinet provides more flexible space, at the same time also to the user has raised the issue of how to choose the wet and heat sterilization cabinet. Generally speaking, the selection of equipment needs to consider a lot of comprehensive privacy, but the basic factors are: the reliability of sterilization effect, the feasibility of equipment investment, the economy of sterilization operation, the applicability to the sterilized articles and the effectiveness of the sterilized articles.

For investment in equipment, rotary water bath type sterilization cabinet is bath type expensive, more expensive than the steam bath type sterilization ark, special sterilization cabinet is expensive, general type pulse vacuum vapor sterilization cabinet more expensive than ordinary pressure steam sterilization cabinet, the economy, of the operation will be sterilized by the effective volume of tank and the number in the use of equipment, yield due to the sterilization temperature uniformity, caused by the whole sterilization cycle length of different power consumption, maintenance costs, depreciation of equipment and labor and this requires a detailed comparison and measurement to be sure. As for the effectiveness of the quality of sterilized articles and the applicability of various wet and hot sterilizers, they have been explained in previous chapters and will not be detailed here.

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