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Scientific Autoclave

Scientific Autoclave of Description:

Scientific autoclave is a device that raises the boiling point of water to a high temperature above 100°C and sterilizes liquids or utensils.

Scientific Autoclave

                                           Scientific Autoclave


Scientific autoclave of Features :

1. Recorder: Scientific autoclaves can record up to 5 temperatures and 1 pressure change curve.

2. Material temperature probe: The material temperature probe is a probe that probes inside the material to ensure reliable sterilization temperature and time.

3. Rapid cooling: After sterilization, the fan blows cold air to the bulkhead, which can make the humidity in the cabin drop quickly and shorten the cooling time from the surface.

4. Automatic hinge: The cabin and the cover are connected by automatic hinges. The hydraulic device in the hinge can make the lifting and pressing of the cover very easy.

5. Process display: When the instrument runs to different levels, the corresponding indicator lights are on, which can visually indicate the process of sterilization.

6. Adjustable automatic steam discharge: After the sterilization is completed, quickly reducing the temperature will help improve work efficiency.

7. Automatic water supply: There is no need to check the water or add water manually. The instrument automatically adds the right amount of water through the pump and solenoid valve.

8. The memory of the processing program: the set or modified parameters will be saved in the memory of the instrument, and the user can call scientific autoclaves at any time. And these words will disappear when the power is cut off.

9. Start sterilization at regular time: Put the materials in the cabin, set the month, day, hour, and minute of the start, and then you can take the freshly sterilized materials when you start to work.

10. Hot air drying: Some materials need to be dried after sterilization. The sterilizer allows hot air to pass through a filter to dry the materials. Since the hatch is closed and the hot air is filtered through the filter, the material will not cause various bacterial contamination.

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