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Basic performance characteristics

The sterilizing cabinet carries out rapid cooling of the large infusion after sterilization by adding a spray device, so as to ensure that the pharmaceutical ingredients are not destroyed and shorten the entire sterilization cycle simultaneously; In addition, during cooling, it is supplemented with backpressure protection measures to ensure that soft bags and bottles of large infusion without bursting bags. General, large infusion sterilization cabinet volume is larger, so the use of pre-vacuum and multi-point replacement exhaust mode, so that the air in the cabinet is more thorough, conducive to the uniformity of sterilization temperature in the cabinet, to ensure the sterilization effect and the stability of the liquid quality.

Scope of application

It is suitable for sterilization of all kinds of large infusion, bulk, bottled, canned and flexible packaging liquids.

Comparison with water bath sterilization cabinet

1)As a result of the use of saturated steam heat transfer medium and natural convection, the cabinet temperature of the uniform heat transfer rate is not as good as water bath type, sterilization effect and cycle as good as water bath type.

2)Adding cooling water from the outside, if the cooling water temperature is added at an improper time, it is easy to cause a large number of bottles to explode on the top of the cabinet room, and in serious cases, it may have a cascading impact on other layers; At the same time, in the rapid cooling process, the pressure in the sterilization room drops rapidly to form negative pressure, while the pressure in the infusion bottle has not been eliminated, which leads to the loosening of the infusion bottle cap or the cork, and the unclean cooling water may take the opportunity to enter the bottle and form secondary pollution.

3)Because get cabinet door structure, intensity, bearing capacity and the limitation that disinfect car installs a quantity, the width of fast freezer cabinet put oneself in another’s position and height cannot increase how many, and the length of cabinet put oneself in another’s position is affected by steam fluidity, distributive sex again, unfavorable do too long, lest the temperature difference inside cabinet increases obviously, because this is fast, the sterilization room of freezer does big hard.

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