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Pure steam sterilization cabinet clean guarantee

1、Pure steam sterilizer can be supplied by the user,but also by the pure steam generator supplied with the sterilizer.That is,pure steam pipeline using the most advanced “long water, long flow of steam,” the principle of design to ensure that the pure steam cleanliness. Pure steam into the cabinet room,the first through the vapor-liquid separator to ensure the saturation of the steam,and then filtered through the 0.22m filter to ensure that pure steam sterile,pyrogen-free and no particles. Similarly,the use of water for injection before the need to filter by 0.22m filter.
Steam sterilizer using injection water into the sterilization cabinet room,the use of jacket heating directly produce pure steam process,simplify the pipeline system,improve efficiency,energy conservation.Self-supply of pure steam sterilization, to avoid the supply of pure steam due to a longer distance of the pipeline transport and insulation factors caused by heat dissipation and pressure loss,or high water content can not meet the quality requirements of saturated steam,resulting in sterilization temperature And the effectiveness of the sterilization effect.


Pure Steam Sterilizer

2、The clean air of the 100 clean area is used as the replenishing gas for the sterilization cabinet for the cooling of the items after sterilization to prevent the secondary air from being added to the sterilized items.
3、All discharge ports are equipped with high-performance check valve and anti-backflow filter,the discharge can be collected after the discharge into the sewer.Discharge the main pipe on the high sealing performance of the shut-off valve,to prepare sterilization cabinet parking can cut off the connection with the sewer,play a double insurance role.
4、All pure steam,water for injection,supplemental air are made of high quality 316L stainless steel and sanitary diaphragm valves,etc.,and the use of fast open clamp interface,to health requirements,but also easy to disassemble and clean.

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