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Pure Steam Pulsation Vacuum Autoclave Instruction:

Pure steam pulsation vacuum autoclave is a kind of sterilization equipment with programmable controller (PLC). The equipment eliminates the influence of cold air on temperature by pulsating vacuum exhaust in the first stage. The autoclave adopts the human-machine interface of graphic operation terminal and sets various automatic and manual programs such as “B-D test, apparatus, fabric, liquid”, etc. The autoclave is suitable for sterilization of clothing, utensils, culture medium.

Pure Steam Pulsation Vacuum Autoclave

Vacuum Autoclave Description:

The pulsating vacuum sterilizer is a method that uses saturated steam as the sterilization medium. After several evacuations and several injections of steam, the sterilization chamber reaches the specified vacuum level. Then saturated steam is injected again to reach the specified pressure saturation for better sterilization of the sterilized object.

Principle of Pulsating Vacuum Sterilization

The pulsating vacuum is a multiple evacuation of the sterilization chamber. After the completion of one evacuation, a certain amount of steam is put into the sterilizer to fuse the remaining air and steam to meet a certain amount of steam, and then the evacuation work is performed again, and after several evacuations, the sterilization chamber enters steam sterilization mode Z.

Pre-vacuuming refers to the method of autoclaving to remove as much air as possible from the sterilization chamber before entering the steam in the chamber, and then incorporating the steam for sterilization.

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