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Pulse vacuum sterilizer suitable for hospital and clinic

During the COVID-19 outbreak, our daily life has been added a new content – sterilization. This work is not only the improvement of modern family health awareness, but also the instinct of people to constantly adjust to the new environment.

We contact various disinfection and sterilization’s products at daily time, and there are two kinds of common working principles: one kind acts on the nucleic acid of genetic material inside virus, such as ultraviolet disinfection; Another group acts on proteins to inactivate them, such as most chemical disinfectants, high-temperature sterilization etc. Whether it is a known virus or an unknown virus, its tissue components are inseparable from proteins and RNA/DNA, which can be destroyed to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

Currently known bacteria and viruses usually have the following characteristics:

1)It splits over time

The biggest characteristic of the bacteria is the rapid proliferation, and the proliferation of the bacteria will produce fission with the passage of time, which is also one of the reasons why some epidemics can break out in a short period of time. The ability to react quickly is important for the disinfection products we use to eliminate germs. Because the earlier you eliminate it, the lower your health risk.

2)Germs may renew and mutate

Most germs are tricky, spreading in iterative ways and often mutating. COVID-19 evolved from droplets transmission in the beginning to contact transmission, fecal-oral transmission and even aerosol transmission, and then a patient with negative nucleic acid test for three times and finally diagnosed with COVID-19. All of these are cunning viruses fighting back and trying to escape from human resistance.

An unremarkable germs can cause a massive outbreak. Although toxicity is always dose-dependent, the few organisms that escape and tolerate can proliferate rapidly.

In general, 100-degree humid and hot environment can kill living bacteria well, and dead bacteria can not secrete extotoxin. Secondly, considering that many exotoxins are proteins, high temperature will also cause protein deformation and make it lose its biological activity.

Therefore, disinfection should not stay at the disinfection work itself, but also need to establish a set of long-term mechanism to create a dry environment, so as not to give bacteria a chance to revive after death.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right sterilization cabinet, because even after the disinfection procedure is completed, the dead body of the virus may still survive in the appropriate temperature and humidity environment, so sterilization and drying environment are equally important. The sterilizer of MQS series that I recommend has good sterilization and drying effect and is suitable for use in hospitals or clinics.

Please refer to the following brief description of MQS pulse vacuum sterilizer:

Description:This series of pulse vacuum sterilizer adopts saturated steam (or pure steam) as a sterilization medium. It eliminates the impact of cold air on the temperature by pulse vacuum.Vacuum dehumidification combined with jacket heating for drying the items. And finally, the sterile air is emptied to achieve pressure balance.

Structure:This series of equipment adopts horizontal rectangular structure, 304 or 316L stainless steel chamber, and covered by the external plate that is made by draw-benched stainless steel. And the equipment is accessorized with standard GMP verification interface. Industrial control system PLC + HMI has standard “user management, data storage, process management” function, the sterilization process can be traced back, with independent data recording device and industrial control system to ensure data accuracy.

Scope of Application

Textiles, metal utensils, filters, glassware, animal cage, anima feed, medium (liquid product stored in open container).

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