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Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer Description:

Pulse vacuum steam sterilizer is a fully automatic high-temperature and autoclave sterilizer using saturated steam as sterilizing agent. The sterilizer is widely used in medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, biological engineering and laboratories to sterilize medical dressings, instruments and utensils, sterile clothing, medical waste, liquids, culture media, etc.
Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

Steam Sterilizer Features:

1. The whole process of water inlet, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilization, drainage, exhaust and vacuum drying is automatic.
2. Three pulsed vacuums make the vacuum degree reach -0.081mpa, which ensures the high extraction of air inside the dressings and A.B hollow appliances.
3. With 4 fixed programs for apparatus, medical dressing, rubber and liquid, users can also set the program according to their needs.
4. Equipped with PT/TT test connector, convenient for running test.
5. Multiple pulse vacuum drying after sterilization to ensure good sterilization effect.
6. Equipped with bacteria filter to ensure sterile air enters the inside of the vacuum environment to avoid secondary contamination.
7. Hand-wheel type quick opening structure with self-inflating seal.
8. Adopt immersion heating with high heating efficiency.
9. Steam-water internal circulation system: no steam emission, clean and dry sterilization environment.
10. Automatic shutdown after sterilization with beeping sound to remind.

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