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Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Operation, Cleaning, and Maintenance Standard

Preparation before use
1.1 Check if the instrument is normal, if power is correct, the spare valve shall be closed,the water must be added above the high water level, 2.3 water before start: drain valve must be closed before operation, inlet valve shall be open to ensure water can flow into water box, the inlet valve shall not be closed until the water line reaches 5-10mm.
Stored water should be checked before each sterilization, to supplement( if not sufficient).
1.2 Turn on electricity, turn on the power switch, choose heating mode and set sterilization temp and time as per tips, and the inner electric contact pressure gauge red pointer shall be adjusted to a corresponding pressure value of sterilization temp with screwdriver. And the blue pointer shall be adjusted above “0”a bit with a screwdriver.

Autoclave Autoclave
Water-feeding ;heating up; stockpiling materials; close the door; sterilizing; open the door
2. 4 Options will be occured in 3 min in start-up picture. F1 steam heating, F2 electric heating, F3 temperature correction, F4 setting mode
2.1 According to heating method, press”F1”steam(jacket begin to forcing to external steam) or press “F2 electric heating”(electric heating), corresponding sterilizing temp and time will be shown.
2.2 If the above parameters need any change, please press”or”move the cursor to change the size of the value, after make sure the sterilizing temp and time, press “OK”or “cancel”. The stated parameters, the system will save automatically on next boot.
3.Stock piling

Sterilizer Sterilizer
3.1 The loading capacity of the sterilizer shall not exceed 80% of the capacity of the chamber. Try to put the same kind of sterilization together, if different sort of items are requested to put together, then The temperature and time required for the sterilization, the most difficult to achieve sterilization shall prevail. When loading and unloading material, the upper and lower left and right should be separated from each other to ensure a certain distance to replace the steam air. The article volume shall not exceed 300mm×300mm×250mm。
3.2 Big bag which is hard to sterilize shall be put on the top, small bag which is easy to sterilize shall be put on the lower layer; and metal items shall be put on the bottom; The fabric bag items shall not put against the upper door and walls to avoid inhaling more condensed water.
3.3 The metal bags should keep flat, plate, dish and bowl should keep vertical , folded direction of the fabric shall be perpendicular to the horizontal plane state; for glass bottles, the bottle neck should be laid down to inlet steam and air discharging.
3.4 Open and closed type container, the lid of the screen shall keep open.
3.5 When the solution is sterilized, the solution should be poured into a hard glass bottle, no more than its volume of 3/4 is appropriate, cotton gauze shall be filled in bottles, plug the cork and tie it to the bottle neck to avoid gauze fall into the bottle, non perforated rubber or cork shall not be used. It is better to place the glass bottle in a slightly larger enamel or metal tray to avoid
Solution loss and pollution in chamber when glass bottle burst.

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