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Pulsation Vacuum Sterilizer

As China’s planned economy to the market’s rapid economic development, the requirements for medical service are much higher now. The traditional medical equipment have much dead angle, and it is hard to kill the bacteria and viruses in the medical service effectively, but the medical service always contact with the patient directly, especially the traumatic injury patient, superinfection can be the biggest threat in the perioperative period. So it’s very necessary to guarantee that the medical devices are sterile, the main existing medical equipment sterilization mainly adopts pulse vacuum sterilizer.

pulse vacuum autoclave

Pulsation Vacuum Sterilizer

Pulsation Vacuum Sterilizer is mainly used in sterilizing the fabric, surgical instruments and others. This pulsation vacuum sterilizer has a lot of advantages , for example, sterilize the products thoroughly, the extent of the damage to the products is lower, a higher degree of automation, save labor costs, at present, the equipment are widely used in sterilization and supply center of most hospitals.

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