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Pulsation Vacuum Sterilization Cabinet

As living standards rise,sterilization technology has been the focus of attention in recent years.Pulsation vacuum sterilization system is a new type of sterilizer which developed very rapidly since the 1990s. As the sterilization effect can be guaranteed by adopting the pulse vacuum technology,this technology is widely used in the hospital supply room,operating room,pharmaceutical factory and the scientific research department.
Simple explanation of pulsation vacuum Sterilization cabinet is introduced in this paper,the main contents are as following:

steam autoclave

pulse vacuum autoclave

1.Pulsation vacuum Sterilization cabinet after specially designed could be used for the effective sterilization of clothes,fabric,mental instrument and others in the short time.
2.PLC control program can achieve control requires of warming rapidly and accurate temperature control.Friendly HMI and complete sterilizing record make it easy in operation and convenient in repairing and maintenance. The whole system has compact structure,and experiences have proved that this system meets the requirements of sterilization and runs steadily.
Sterilization equipment is the guardian of human health,the applications of this technology is an effective measurement which protect human health and lives.

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