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Pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer Common Cause Analysis and Countermeas

Pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer sterilization principle which means the flow of water through the pump out of the cold air sterilizer chamber to the vacuum state, and then enter the saturated superheated steam, it quickly penetrates to the items inside, and so forth three or four times. In the high temperature and high pressure under the action of microbial protein denaturation and inactivation of coagulation to achieve sterilization requirements. After sterilization, the sterilization items vacuum dried quickly. Workflow Using computer-controlled, with a convenient, saving time, effort, total sterilization time is short, reliable and thorough sterilization, dry goods and other characteristics. Is currently the hospital disinfection and sterilization of medical goods indispensable instruments. I use this hospital sterilizer nearly seven years, based on years of experience working with management, the common fault causes and countermeasures were summarized for colleagues to discuss.
1, the pump does not continue to work negative reasons for the decline
Continuous vacuum suction vacuum does not drop the reasons: ① pump their own reasons, such as vacuum pumps kinetic energy decline, vacuum pump reverse, etc.; ② total low water pressure, water pressure <0.1MPa/cm2; ③ water flow rate is too small or water pipes diameter is too small. Solution: For objective reasons given replacement parts, such as vacuum pumps, pressure gauge, water pipes; sterilizer best separate a pipe water pipe, and in the next installation of water flow gauge scale to always observe the water pressure and water flow rate, avoid water does not drop too negative, the vacuum pump dry pumping phenomenon produce parts from being damaged.
2, the duration of substandard sterilization temperature
In normal circumstances, the temperature of the sterilization process into 126 ℃. Internal temperature reaches 132 ℃ 10min duration> 4min, its reasons: ① low total pressure vapor source <0.3MPa/cm2; ② valve insensitive to cause sterilization cabinet pressure <0.2MPa/cm2; ③ sterile goods packaging and emissions did not seek, such as sterilization package size> 30cm * 30cm * 50cm, both longitudinally arranged not affect vapor penetration; ④ vapor water content and more, all mixed with water vapor reduce its latent heat, impact penetration, resulting in destruction bacteria failed; ⑤ winter surface temperature to be lower consumer goods, not be preheated. Solution: total vapor source should> 0.4MPa/cm2, and preheat sterilization cabinet items, fully exclude condensate and excess water vapor, etc., laminated closed again when the pressure up 0.1MPa/cm2 mezzanine drain valve, pressure and other sandwich up 0.2MPa/cm2 again when booting into sterilization procedures. Reasonable adjustments to the vapor at the required pressure relief valve into the sterilizer and prevent the phenomenon of super-hot. Pressure gauge valve, calibrated once annually, identify problems and replaced at any time, the trap should be kept unobstructed, improve steam quality, clean lines to ensure the input of qualified saturated vapor (ie mist ≦ 10%, air ≦ 5%), input pipe should be set individually distance should not be too long, pipe insulation system should wrap and has a vapor filter to remove impurities, dirt, moisture separator located in the steam condensate line mist. Goods packaging suitable size, vertical arrangement, equipment bag down layer, put top dressing kits, packages with the package in order to facilitate the clearance between the vapor penetration.
3, B-D test failure
Daily pulsating vacuum steam sterilizer sterilization should be carried out before or after maintenance BD tests to detect air sterilizer exclude effects, such as failure, indicating that cold air is not completely exclude or cabinet indoor leakage, can not be used to extend start time to correct.
BD test failure reasons: ① sterilizer itself factors, kinetic vacuum pump down, use a long time sterilizer, sterilizer aging, resulting in cabinet interior not achieve the desired degree of vacuum. Automatic control system failure, the pump suction time is shortened, is not conducive to the release and elimination of cold air. Cabinet chamber sealing performance can not maintain the required negative pressure, resulting in exclusion of cold air infiltration while still cold, such as door seals aging, self-locking cups cracks. ② technical operational factors, the test packet size specifications unfit, cloth does not meet the requirements, the bandage too tight, affecting vapor penetration. Temperature rises too fast, <5min, which amounts to 134 ℃; vapor source total pressure is low <0.3MPa/cm2, entering too slow, affecting steam penetration, pattern shades, cabinets indoor air temperature is low starting gravity obvious, cold easily drained. Solution: For sterilizer itself factors, should immediately repair to ensure the effectiveness of the work equipment in good condit

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