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Proper Use Method of High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

High pressure steam sterilizer has the advantages of fast sterilization speed, reliable effect, high temperature and penetrating power, which can lead to the failure of sterilization. Points to be noted in sterilization:Initial treatment of disinfection articles. All medical devices, sheets and clothing that have been exposed to the pathogenic microorganism should be disinfected with chemical disinfectant before being cleaned.

All kinds of items after the use of the infectious ward should be strictly controlled, before being cleaned and disinfected. During routine cleaning, soak and scrub with detergent solution, remove oil stains and dirt from items, and then rinse off with water. Instruments and other items, such as shaft sections, tooth grooves and gaps, should be opened or disassembled as far as possible and thoroughly cleaned. After washing, the articles should be dried and packed according to the clinical needs, so as to avoid contamination. The height and delivery tools of the goods before and after the decontamination should be strictly distinguished and marked in case of cross-infection.

The packing and container of disinfection articles should be suitable. The packing is made of double white cotton cloth, and the new cloth should be washed before use. The packing of articles is bound with string, so that it should not be loosened. When used in the container, it can be used to prevent the invasion of the external microorganisms, but also has good steam penetration. Such as special syringe sterilization box, storage tank for dressing, etc.

High pressure steam sterilizer is difficult to enter because of the steam, and the air in the box is not easy to discharge, according to conventional sterilization often cannot achieve the sterilization effect. The comparison shows that the pollution rate is much higher than that of the medical aluminum box. Therefore, it is not possible to sterilize the use of domestic aluminum boxes or instruments.The disinfection articles should be properly installed. Excessive or improper placement of disinfection items can affect the sterilization effect.

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