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Principles and Uses of Pressure Steam Sterilizer

The principle of sterilization: Heat sterilization is an early, reliable and widely used physical sterilization method. The damage of heat to cell walls and cell membranes and the effect on nucleic acids can lead to the death of microorganisms. Wet heat mainly causes microbial proteins to solidify and cause their death. The pressure steam sterilizer is designed using the principle of wet heat to kill microorganisms. The advantage of using wet and hot sterilization method is that steam has a strong sterilization effect. It can increase the moisture content of bacterial protein, make it easy to solidify due to heat, and accelerate the death process of microorganisms.


Use of pressure steam sterilizer: Pressure steam sterilizer has the advantages of fresh and beautiful shape, reasonable structure, complete function, rapid heating, and complete sterilization. It is suitable for sterilization of surgical instruments, dressings, glassware, rubber products, food, liquid medicine, culture media and other items in medical treatment, scientific research, food, etc..

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