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Principle of Steam Sterilizer

Steam Sterilizer construction:

High pressure steam sterilizer is a double metal cylinder, water between two layers, the outer hard thick, above it is thick metal cover, cover with screw, so as to cover the door closed, the steam can’t spillover, and the steam pressure, as its temperature is increased accordingly.The high pressure steam sterilizer is equipped with an exhaust valve and a safety piston to adjust the steam pressure. There are thermometers and pressure gauges to indicate internal temperature and pressure. A metal shelf with holes in the sterilizer to place the sterilized object.

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Method of Steam Sterilizer

Add water to the outside cylinder, and the sterilized items are put into the inner tube. Cover with sterilizer and tighten the screw tightly. Use gas or electric furnace to heat the sterilizer and open the exhaust valve to clean the cold air, otherwise the pressure on the pressure gauge is not all steam pressure, the sterilization will not be complete. Close the exhaust valve after all the cold air is discharged (i.e., water vapor is discharged continuously from the exhaust valve). Continue to heat, pressure gauge gradually rose to the required pressure (typically 101.53 kPa, namely 15 pounds per inch 2, temperature of 121.3 ℃), the mediation of the fire, the pressure and temperature (pay attention not to stress too much, so as to avoid an accident), maintain 15 ~ 30 min.

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When the sterilization time arrives, stop heating, and when the pressure drops to zero, slowly open the exhaust valve, remove the residual gas and open the cover. Do not open the exhaust valve when the pressure is not reduced to zero, so as to avoid the liquid ejection in the sterilizer. High pressure steam sterilization method for damp heat sterilization method, its advantage has 3: a protein bacteria easily modified when wet and heat sterilization, damp and hot strong penetrating power, three heat released when water vapor into a large number of enhanced bactericidal effect, therefore, it is the best method of sterilization. This method can be used to sterilize the high temperature and humidity, such as culture medium, physiological saline, clothing, gauze, cotton, dressing, glass equipment, infectious dirt, etc.


At present, the portable automatic high pressure steam sterilizer is used, which is easy to operate and safe to use.

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