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Principle of Hot and Dry Sterilizer

Construction of Huanyu Hot and Dry Sterilizer

How does a Sterilizer kill Bacteria,you may ask this way. The dry heat sterilizer is a square metal box made of double layer iron plate, with insulated asbestos board inside the outer wall. Place a large furnace at the bottom of the box, or a heating coil in the box wall. There are several holes in the inner wall for circulation. There are iron doors and glass doors in front of the box, and there are several layers of metal boxes in the box. A thermostat is fitted to the front of the electric oven to keep the desired temperature.
Method of dry heat sterilization.

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Place the petri dish, straw, test tube and other glass material into the box and heat it behind closed door. When the temperature rose to 160 ~ 170 ℃, 2 h, to keep temperature after the time of arrival, stop heating, after temperature dropped to below 40 ℃, can open the door the fetch, otherwise the cold air suddenly enter, easy cause glass crack; And the hot air overflow, often can burn the skin of the object. General straw, test tube, petri dish, vaseline, liquid paraffin can be sterilized by this method.

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Bacteria reproduce body under dry condition, 80 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ for 1 hour can be killed; Buds are heated to 160 ℃ ~ 170 ℃ for 2 hours to kill. The method of Huanyu dry heat sterilization is to be incinerated: 1. Burning with fire is a thorough sterilization method, which is very destructive, only applicable to discarded objects or animal carcasses.

2. The sterilization of metal instruments (tweezers, scissors, inoculation ring, etc.), glass tube mouth and bottle mouth, etc.

3. dry roasted: in a dry oven (hot air sterilizer), heated to 160 ℃ ~ 170 ℃ in 2 hours, can exterminate all microorganisms including bacillus. Suitable for high temperature glass ware, porcelain, glass syringe, etc.

4.Infra-red (infrared) : electromagnetic wave with wavelength of 770nm ~ 1000 mm, and the thermal effect of the wavelength of m ~ 10 is the strongest.

5.The thermal effect of infrared ray can only be produced on the surface of the irradiated surface, so that the object can not be heated evenly, and it is often used in the sterilization of food utensils such as bowls and chopsticks.

6.Microwave (microwave) : electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 1mm ~ 1000mm are collectively referred to as microwaves, which can penetrate glass, plastic film and ceramics, but cannot penetrate the metal surface. The heat effect distribution of Hot and Dry Sterilizer is not uniform, the sterilization effect is not reliable, used for non-metal equipment and food disinfection.

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