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Principle and Characteristics of Sterilization Cabinet

Principle and Characteristics of Sterilization Cabinet:
Sterilization cabinet is widely used, and most users have seen its value. Although widely used, but some users of its use effect is not clear, also do not understand the principle of sterilizer characteristics.
The sterilization cabinet is made by foreign manufacturing technology, occupying a great advantage, well-designed, elaborate development, fully in line with GMP transformation requirements, and won the recognition and high praise of users. Sterilizing cabinet is controlled by PLC, so it has manual and automatic functions, interactive use, convenient and simple, touch screen man-machine interface feel super. In addition, the product has dual heating protection function, in the course of use, if the temperature is too high, do not worry about any danger, heating protection function will solve this problem.

Sterilizing Cabinet

The working environment of the sterilizing cabinet is not very restrictive, the highest temperature can reach 350 degrees Celsius, but also can pass the DOP test. Because the product is full welded structure, internal polishing, so no dead angle and no sharp angle, not only beautiful, but also improve the use efficiency.
As a whole, the characteristics of sterilizing cabinet satisfy the needs of users. Nowadays, there are various sterilization equipments on the market. Users choose different sterilization equipments according to the actual situation and application environment. Of course, the price is naturally different, experienced users believe that a high price-selective product is more appropriate.

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