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Plastic bottle sterilization

As everyone knows glass products have a long history, especially in the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamia, the glass products can be seen everywhere. Glass bottles are traditional drink packaging container of our country. Glass bottles have good properties of high transparent and strong corrosion resistance, when glass bottles exposure to most chemicals, there will be no change of material properties. In the circumstances of various packing materials are flooding the markets, the status of glass bottles is still important in the beverage package. As society progresses, the economy has developed rapidly, medicinal container developed to various materials package from earliest oral liquid bottle. For example, a part of the oral liquid bottle package are changed to plastic material.
For the sterilization of plastic bag packed, the most widely used is water bath sterilizer. The equipment uses high-temperature circulated water as sterilizing medium to sterilize materials by the process of rising temperature, sterilizing and cooling operation with spray water. During the sealed working process, the sterilizing medium operates in the sealed circular system to avoid the second pollution effectively. This equipment is also widely used in sterilizing operation of glass bottle packed, plastic bag packed, soft bag packed liquid. In the mean-time, it applies to packaging and food industries. For example, the sterilization process of drinking liquid and tinned food.

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