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Physics Sterilization method – hospital recruitment test

Nursing is an important study of medical and health recruitment examinations, Huanyu Machinery can help to sort out the basic knowledge of nursing hospital sterilizer: physical disinfection and sterilization methods, so that we better review and memory.
1. Combustion method: simple, rapid and thorough sterilization method. Applicable to items that do not need to be retained, precious equipment and sharp knife cut prohibited burning method (so as to avoid blunt). Examination is usually asked some special infection (such as tetanus, gas gangrene) dressing with the treatment, that is burning.
2. Dry baking method: suitable for high temperature without deterioration, no damage, no evaporation of the items. Such as: powder, oil, glassware and metal products sterilization. Does not apply to plastic products, fiber fabrics and other sterilization
3. Burning disinfection method
(1) disinfect the items before the first scrub, the items need to be completely submerged; into the total items do not exceed the capacity of 3/4.
(2)the time start after the water boils, if it needs to add items during operation, the time should be calculated after the water boiling again. Altitude of 300m for each increase, disinfection should be added for 2 minutes more.
(3) the shaft of the instrument and the lid of the container to open, the same size of the bowl, the pot can not overlap.
(4) glass with gauze wrapped in cold water or warm water into the rubber category with gauze wrapped, boiled water into the water.
(5) by adding 1% to 2% sodium bicarbonate, the boiling point of up to 105 ℃, can enhance the bactericidal effect, but also decontamination rust.
There are many test sites inside, such as the timing of the problem, especially in the middle of the time to add items again. Glass, rubber items into the time. The role of adding sodium bicarbonate.

4. Pressure steam sterilization method in general. Should pay attention to the package should not be too large, too tight,
(1) the most widely used, the most reliable and preferred sterilization method.
(2) pressure of 103 ~ 137kPa, the temperature of 121 ~ 126 ℃, after 20 to 30 minutes to achieve sterilization effect
(3) under the exhaust pressure steam sterilizer package is not more than 30cm × 30cm × 25cm, pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer package is not more than 30cm × 30cm × 50cm, should not be too tight, the gap between the rooms.
(4) cloth items should be placed on the metal, enamel items above, to avoid the cold water into the water droplets, so that the cloth is damp.
(5) The most commonly used chemical monitoring method: chemical indicator card or indicating tape.
First of all to master the characteristics of this sterilization method, followed by the sterilization effect can be achieved pressure, temperature, time, need to sterilize the size of the package, placed in the sterilizer position.
5. UV disinfection and sterilization method
(1) UV lamp The best sterilization wavelength is 250 ~ 270nm, for the air and the surface of the
product disinfection.
(2) air disinfection: the effective distance of not more than 2m, irradiation time 30 ~ 60min; items disinfection: effective distance 25 ~ 60cm, irradiation time 20 ~ 30min. Temperature: 20 ~ 40 ℃; Humidity: 40% ~ 60%.
(3) disinfection time should be light from 5 to 7 minutes after the light, turn off the lights to be cooled after 3 to 4 minutes and then open.
(4) Cleaning the lamp: The anhydrous ethanol gauze is wiped once every 2 weeks.
(5) should be replaced for more than 1000 hours.
The most easy to know the point of knowledge when the time of sterilization time, lamp use time.

6. Daylight exposure method: for mattresses, blankets, clothes, books and other items of disinfection. The items directly placed in the sun, exposure to 6 hours up to disinfection effect, every 2 hours flip 1 times.
Generally have to grasp how long the exposure to achieve disinfection effect.
When the need for the use of contaminated holding jaws, safe and effective disinfection and sterilization method is ()
A. Flame Burning Holders Front 20 seconds
B. dry bake for 30 seconds
C. High temperature boil for 2 minutes
D. Ultrahigh pressure steam sterilization for 10 minutes
E. Close the UV lamp to the front end of the clamp for 20 minutes
The correct answer
In order to ensure clean and sterile, can burn on the flame front for 20 seconds, a shorter time, can also achieve the sterilization effect. Dry baking for oil, powder, glass, metal items disinfection and sterilization, but a long time, mostly 30 to 120 minutes. High pressure steam sterilization, boiling and ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization for a long time, do not meet the much-needed conditions.

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